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The FSF is hiring: Seeking a Boston-area full-time Web Developer

The Free Software Foundation, a Boston-based 501(c)(3) charity with a
worldwide mission to protect freedoms critical to the computer-using
public, seeks a Boston-based individual to be its full-time Web Developer.

The FSF uses several different free software web platforms in the course
of its work, both internally and externally. These platforms are
critical to work supporting the GNU Project, free software adoption,
free media formats, and freedom on the Internet; and opposing bulk
surveillance, DRM, software patents, and proprietary software.

We are looking for someone who is primarily interested in keeping these
systems up-to-date and working the way we need them to, customizing when
necessary. While the main duties will relate to the backend systems,
frontend experience with templates, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and design
tools will be a big plus.

This position will primarily work with:

    Plone / Zope
    Request Tracker
    Django / Satchmo
    GNU social / StatusNet
    GNU MediaGoblin


This job is a union position. The salary is fixed at $50,877. Other
benefits include:

    full family health coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield's HMO
Blue program,
    subsidized dental plan,
    four weeks of paid vacation annually,
    seventeen paid holidays annually,
    public transit commuting cost reimbursement,
    403(b) program through TIAA-CREF,
    yearly cost-of-living pay increases, and
    potential for an annual performance bonus.

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