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Last minute travel grants for MiniDebConf Barcelona

Hi there,

If you are a lurker on this list that is interested in participating
in Debian but feels that is not good enough (a problem many of us
have, called impostor syndrome), we would like to invite you to attend
the MiniDebConf Barcelona happening in less that 10 days!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and crowdfunding
participants, we are currently able to sponsor the travel expenses for
some attendees.  If you would like to go to Barcelona but have
hesitated up to now because of not being able to afford it, please
write to me with a short description of who you are, where you are
coming from, and how much your ticket would cost.

Our budget is limited so we can't promise to sponsor any requests we
get, however, if you don't send it, we won't know about you, and we
won't be able to consider you.

Yes, this is very very last minute, so you don't have much time to
coordinate and make up your mind. Don't leave it for tomorrow, do it


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