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Re: NewbieProjects (wiki page, how I started contributing to Debian)

Quoting Laura Arjona (larjona99@gmail.com):

> * You need other people's effort to get your work actually "completed"
> (5 reviewers needed to get the spam removed, and people with commit
> access to upload your updates to the website).

Sadly, a bit more when it comes at spam review. The process is a
2-step process:
- first we need spam mails to be "nominated" 5 times to be considered
as "potentially spam". Here, anybody can help
- then we need at least 3 "reviewers" to confirm nominated spams in
order for them to be removed. As of now, reviewers have to be DDs.

The last step seems infortunately a bit stalled from what I witness in
spam review statistics. The count of "nominated" spams is
increasing...but the count of "removed" ones is not.

Looks like a few DDs who were doing this work up to recent years have
stopped doing it. Francesca was one of the frequent reviewers but I'm
not sure she's still working on this.

*that* is useful work for DDs too as this work makes the work of
*other* contributors useful.

And this is just about 10 minutes every week....

We need two more DDs (as I am still doing the job every week).

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