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NewbieProjects (wiki page, how I started contributing to Debian)

Hi all,

2013/9/8 Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com>:
> == Small Projects / Bounties / Starlings ==
> One of the things that was agreed very fast is that we need to have
> small projects for people that want to contribute but don't know how.
> We already have a NewbieProjects page [1], but it's currently quite
> empty.  One suggestion was that everybody should add whatever they
> started contributing with.

I have started getting involved in Debian by:
* cleaning spam in the mailing lists archives
* updating translations of the website (webpages already translated by
others, that need only small additions or deletions to be up-to-date
with the corresponding English page).

I have update the wiki [1] to include them.

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/Projects/NewbieTasks

I think that they are good tasks for newbies because:
* You can contribute something "complete" even if you have only 10
minutes to dedicate to Debian.
* They are very systematic tasks, you don't need to think how to do
it, just follow the instructions.
* You can stop for a loong time if you have no time and resume later
without problems.
* You are not invading somebody's "territory"
* They can be easy mentored or reviewed by others. I can mentor
anybody to start with them; I just send an mail to
mentoring@women.debian.org and that's it isn't it?

The counterparts:
* Documentation and howtos are loong, the task is much easier to do it
than to explain it. I think this is something common with other tasks
in Debian, that's why mentoring, IRC training courses etc are
* You need other people's effort to get your work actually "completed"
(5 reviewers needed to get the spam removed, and people with commit
access to upload your updates to the website).
* Sometimes you feel that your work is not "visible" (unknown, hidden
areas of the Debian project).

Feel free to review my editions for better wording, restructuration or anything.

Laura Arjona

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