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Re: IRC meeting this Saturday

2013/9/4 Mònica Ramírez <monica@debian.org>
On Wed, 2013-09-04 at 08:44 +0200, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm interested in discussing more ideas of what we could do as Debian
> Women, to promote getting more women into Debian.  We've had some
> ideas here on the list, but I think we are lacking some real-time
> discussion.  So, I propose that we have an IRC meeting to discuss
> ongoing things related to Debian Women.

That's a very good idea!

> Everybody is welcome, regardless of the time they've been in Debian
> and regardless of gender.  We want new ideas of what we can do and how
> to do it.  So, if you have ideas or are interested in hearing other
> people's ideas, please join this Saturday, at 16:00 UTC.
> You can use the date command to find out the time in your timezone:
> date --date="2013-09-07 16:00 UTC"

I'm not sure if I will be on time, but I'll try to join you as soon as

I won't be able to connect to IRC this particular weekend due to family reasons, but I'll read the minutes later and will try to help.


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