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Re: IRC meeting this Saturday

On Wed, 2013-09-04 at 08:44 +0200, Margarita Manterola wrote: 
> Hey all,
> I'm interested in discussing more ideas of what we could do as Debian
> Women, to promote getting more women into Debian.  We've had some
> ideas here on the list, but I think we are lacking some real-time
> discussion.  So, I propose that we have an IRC meeting to discuss
> ongoing things related to Debian Women.

That's a very good idea!

> Everybody is welcome, regardless of the time they've been in Debian
> and regardless of gender.  We want new ideas of what we can do and how
> to do it.  So, if you have ideas or are interested in hearing other
> people's ideas, please join this Saturday, at 16:00 UTC.
> You can use the date command to find out the time in your timezone:
> date --date="2013-09-07 16:00 UTC"

I'm not sure if I will be on time, but I'll try to join you as soon as

> I have prepared an Agenda of the topics to cover in the meeting, feel
> free to add more items:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/IRC07September2013

If I can't arrive, I would like that you have into account a couple of
things about two of the topics:

* Mini-debconf 2014: the Barcelona bid is alive. We are looking for a
good venue. The plan is to have a meeting with interested people at the
end of this month to decide which could be the best place and then make
the proposal to the d-w list. Barcelona bid organization is taking place
in [0] (in English) and in debian-user-catalan list (in Catalan).


* Outreach program for women (OPW): as I said, I won't lead OPW, at
least during this next round. My opinion is that we're late right now,
but if someone (I'd suggest than more than one person) wants to go on
with it, I can communicate my last round experience and help a bit.


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