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What do you think about a youtube series?

My little suvey hasn't had many answers yet, but one suggestion has
been to create a youtube channel with a series about doing work in
Debian, that would help people getting the ropes.

I think this is an interesting idea, although I'm not 100% convinced
that it would actually work.  In order for it to be successful, I
think we would need to have a group of several people producing the

What do you think?  Would you be interesting in submitting some
episodes? Do you think it would be worth the effort?

On the other hand, we could just scout the archives of previous
conferences (DebConf, Fosdem, Linux.conf.au and which ever other
conference that has had Debian talks) in order to create a playlist
that makes an intro to Debian, but it's obviously not the same as
generating content just for the web.

Looking forward to hearing new ideas! :)


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