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Re: Outreach Program for Women: next round


On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 11:45 AM, Mònica Ramírez Arceda
<monica@debian.org> wrote:
> Past round, the first one that Debian participated, coincided with the
> GSoC project, so we took advantage of their projects and mentors. Rounds
> that OPW don't coincide with GSoC will need more work because we need to
> find projects as well as mentors.

I recently re-read all the threads related to OPW and I was surprised
to see that there was a very strong reaction regarding the money.
Several people declared that they were against Debian paying for this
on a regular basis; and although it was deemed ok for this to be done
once (as an experiment), future instances should get the money from
somewhere else (i.e. a sponsor that is earmarking their donations for
this and not for general Debian money).

The previous instance didn't end up spending any money, because the
accepted project was also accepted by GSoC, and thus dropped from OPW.
 However, given how vocal the opposition was in the previous round, I
think that this issue needs to be addressed and cleared before
investing any effort in gather projects and mentors.

So, has this been approved as a continuation of the previous
experiment, that never got to spend any money? Or do we need to do
some fundraising first?


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