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Re: D-W mailing list

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 12:54:46PM +0200, Martín Ferrari wrote:

> Some of the topics raised today at the "Women in Debian 2013"[1] talk
> (and some I've heard in related discussions this week) are (IMHO) worth
> discussing: impostor syndrome, unconscious bias, privilege, outreach for
> other minorities.

> To start, I have two articles I'd like to share.

I'll use the opportunity of this thread to post some links of my own. :)
I've already been asked privately (by someone not subscribed to the d-w
mailing list) about the article I referenced regarding the mathematics of
racism (and racist outcomes).  I have not managed to locate the article I
was thinking of, but I did find several related articles:


This last one looks very close to the one I remember reading, and may have
been used as a reference in the paper I'm looking for.

I think it's a very good insight into how slight social differences at the
individual level can be magnified across large groups resulting in very
uneven outcomes, and it's worth understanding how this might apply to the
problem of gender bias among the population of DDs.

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