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I've been in a few discussions at DebConf about the Debian Women
project, and a few times it was suggested to try to re-activate the
mailing list.

I think a good way to help with that goal is to try to start discussions
on topics broader than Debian, as the problems facing Debian Women are
clearly not exclusive to Debian. Posting links to interesting articles
may be a way.

Some of the topics raised today at the "Women in Debian 2013"[1] talk
(and some I've heard in related discussions this week) are (IMHO) worth
discussing: impostor syndrome, unconscious bias, privilege, outreach for
other minorities.

To start, I have two articles I'd like to share.

One about a guy who -for a change- stood up for a stranger being
harassed in public transport [2]. And a second one about raising a girl
to not be "nice" [3].

If people prefer I don't do this, please tell me to stop.


[1]: http://penta.debconf.org/dc13_schedule/events/1012.en.html

Martín Ferrari

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