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Re: Debian and Politeness


Were some of you at AdaCamp San Francisco, about two weeks ago?

Many discussions revolved around those issues.

Non-technical contributions are needed in the community, that's for
sure, and they should be recognized if it is not already the case.
That would be the rough consensual conclusion.  I believe "everyone"
(at least everyone at AdaCamp) would agree with this from the
beginning, but I guess it feels good to remind it. :)


On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 1:25 PM, Laura Arjona <larjona99@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I don't know the Debian community very well either, but since I am
> around here (let's say 3-4 years) I feel it welcoming, polite and
> quite inclusive (the D-W subproject already had some years, the Debian
> Diversity Statement was written and published, last months the OPW
> proposals...).
> I may be biased since as a person I tend to look at the positive side,
> and OTOH I mostly lurk the -l10n-es, i18n, publicity, www and d-w
> lists, not so much about development, package maintenance or sysadmins
> areas.
> 2013/5/27 Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org>:
>> I was just opening the debate for everyone to participate. The main
>> question would be: is technical capacity the only important thing in
>> the Debian Community, or should other things taken into account, like
>> the capacity to work with other people. I don't have the answer.
> I would say that other things should be taken into account (and in
> fact, they are taken, consciously or not). For example, social skills
> turn to be very important specially for leaders and people dealing
> with external collaboration, newbies, and people from other projects.
> Sometimes circumstances rule, for example if there is a due task and
> nobody steps ahead, and just one person say that he/she could handle
> it, but with advice of a senior member, this situation may be
> preferable than the one when the senior member gets in charge of that
> task again and again until burnout or whatever.
> But we cannot forget some other thoughts:
> * There are lots of ways to participate in Debian where there is no
> 'selection process', you just begin to contribute or ask for help or
> join a list and say hello.
> * We can complement each other, some people have some skills and play
> a role, other people have other skills and play other role, and Debian
> is a big project having place for everybody.
> * Projects (and people) are dynamic entities, capable to evolve in
> time depending on the steps that we take in one or other direction. So
> maybe it's not about selecting (or selfselecting) members, it's about
> growing together (the projects, the people, in quantity, in quality)
> towards some common goals.
> Regards
> Laura Arjona
>> Greetings,
>> Miry
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