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Re: Debian and Politeness

Hej all of you,

> Non-technical contributions are needed in the community, that's for
> sure, and they should be recognized if it is not already the case.
> That would be the rough consensual conclusion.   I believe "everyone"
> (at least everyone at AdaCamp) would agree with this from the
> beginning, but I guess it feels good to remind it. :)

What sort of non-technical contributions would that be if I would want to be Debian Developer? What is possible and what is needed?
Are these contributions not already there and seen and appreciated?
Does Debian need more non-technical contribution or more appreciation of this sort of contribution? Or both?
I have not got the skills to contribute technically but I am interested in the well-being of the Debian community as a user and a person who enrols others to use Debian, especially Debian Edu.

Greets from Angela 

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