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Re: OPW; the result of the experiment

El dg 02 de 06 de 2013 a les 14:36 -0400, en/na Martin Owens va
> On Sun, 2013-06-02 at 09:26 +0200, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:
> > So, what do you think? Should we continue with OPW? Are there more
> > volunteers?
> What was the scope of the invitation for OPW? If, say, the invitation
> was sent to a couple of thousand universities with instruction to
> distribute to their female engineering and computer science students,
> then 4 is a poor turnout.
> But if the invitation only went to existing Debian people and
> communicated within the Debian borders... the 4 is a fair turnout.
> Does OPW have a web presence?

I give you more data about "spreading the word efforts" and about how
many women were accepted:

OPW has its own web here:

In Debian side, we made a landing web: 

OPW information was sent to various lists:

But remember that 19 different organizations were participating in the

OPW general results are: 38 participants accepted (without counting the
12 ones that were accepted in GSoC):

I think that the total number of applicants has not been made public,
but I can ask for more data if you're interested.


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