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Re: Debconf proposal, but I need presenter

Hello again

2013/5/29 Patty Langasek <harmoney@dodds.net>:
> I'm hoping to go this year, but it depends on how sponsorship shakes out. If
> I go, I'm more than happy to help with this.
Thanks Patty!
I've created my account at pentabarf and registered the event:

Patty, please contact pentabarf@penta.debconf.org and tell them the
event name "Women in Debian 2013", the id (1012) and your login info,
so they can add you there.
All the fields in that form are changeable, and I'm terribly bad at
choosing titles and so, so feel free to change anything.
I don't mind the license either (being free software/free culture of course).
I suppose speakers should decide the type of the event (talk, BoF,
other...) and duration.

As Patty said that her attendance is not sure yet, is there other
person interested? No matter if finally there are two speakers isn't

> I'm not sure what help I can be in collaborating, but if you point me in a
> direction, I'm more than happy to help.

I hope next week I can setup a git repository to develop the paper and
slides "in the open" so anybody can see and participate. I will put a
TODO list, possible collaborations and so.

Thanks everybody for your support!
Laura Arjona

> Cheers,
> Patty
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