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Re: Debian and Politeness

Hi Angela,

On 20/05/2013, Angela Fuß <angela.fuss@das-netzwerkteam.de> wrote:
> Hej Miriam,
>> Free Software is about meritocracy and elitism, or at least it
>> pretends to be.
> [...]
> I think I do not really get what you want to say with that sentence. And as
> I consider it a very interesting statement I thought I better ask....

To add to the answer that Miriam has supplied, I would like to suggest
that if that sentence puzzled you, then you may be interested to read
/The Rise of the Meritocracy/ (1958) by Michael Young, which is the
work that introduced the word "meritocracy" to the English language.
It's quite short and well worthwhile.

Best regards,


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