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Rails Girls workshop

Hi all,
may I ask you to spread the news about the Rails Girls workshop that will take place in Galway, Ireland in May, among your own connections? It's aimed at bridging the IT gender gap, and welcomes women/girls of any age.

The call for participation and volunteers are open [1] : would you also be interested in volunteering as coaches? No need to be Ruby on Rails experts

You might want to retweet the following:
Girls learn how to code at the free Rails Girls Galway workshop! http://railsgirls.com/galway or volunteer as a coach @railsgirls_galw #ITwomen #changetheratio

Thanks a million in advance,

[1] http://railsgirls.com/galway

Myriam Leggieri
PhD Student
Social Software and Sensor Middleware Units
DERI, National University of Ireland, Galway

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