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www.d.o/women webwml errors [was Re: webwml errors]

Hi Victory,

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 12:05:51AM +0900, victory wrote:
> [the time stamps are +0900]
> about links in webwml that point women.debian.org:
> I already changed /devel/index.
> at least http://www.debian.org/News/2010/20101116a remains
> 02:41 victory > <a href="http://women.debian.org/";>http://women.debian.org/</a>
>                 should be <a href="$(HOME)/women/">http://www.debian.org/women/</a>?
> 02:43 taffit > There is also <url http://www.debian.org/women/> (to be verified),
>                but maybe something like “<a href="$(HOME)/women/">Debian Women area</a>”
>                would fit better
> I don't have what string there should be, so I'd let you decide it.

Yep, my next step would be to grep /webwml/ and
s,women.debian.org,www.debian.org/women,g (I also need to do the same for
wiki.d.o). If someone would like to help, is really appreciated :)

Please note that I've not disactivate women.d.o yet, so this is not

> pages that break html validity in women/profiles/
> 1. ' (AT) ' in the mailto links produce:
>    Warning: <a> escaping malformed URI reference


> 2. $elemrelfoot is not defined there.
>    	my $listhead = '<ul>';
>  	my $listfoot = '</ul>';
>  	my $elemhead = '<li>';
>  	my $elemfoot = '</li>';
>     are defined.

Good catch! This is clearly a typo in grab_titles I shamelessly
copy-pasted from users_list.wml.  My guess is that tidy added both in
webwml/*/women/profiles/index and in webwml/*/users/index the missing
</li>, so we didn't spot it with validate.  I've fixed now it both in
users_list.wml and profiles_list.wml .

> 3. there are list inside of <answer> that are interpreted as <p>
> element.  this means list cannot be used there


If you spot any more errors, feel free to directly fix them!


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