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webwml errors

[the time stamps are +0900]
about links in webwml that point women.debian.org:
I already changed /devel/index.

at least http://www.debian.org/News/2010/20101116a remains

02:41 victory > <a href="http://women.debian.org/";>http://women.debian.org/</a>
                should be <a href="$(HOME)/women/">http://www.debian.org/women/</a>?
02:43 taffit > There is also <url http://www.debian.org/women/> (to be verified),
               but maybe something like “<a href="$(HOME)/women/">Debian Women area</a>”
               would fit better

I don't have what string there should be, so I'd let you decide it.
pages that break html validity in women/profiles/

02:44 taffit > MadameZou: http://www-master.debian.org/build-logs/validate/en
02:46 victory > also, ' (AT) ' in the mail links produce tidy Warning
02:58 victory >  $str .= "$elemhead<a href=\"$rel_path/$shortfile\">$title</a>$elemrelfoot\n";
02:59 victory > that's $elemfoot in profiles_list.wml
03:06 victory > <answer> tag makes %body <p> %body</p>
03:06 victory >  so list must not be there
03:14 taffit > or simply push the <p> out of the tag inside the actual body

1. ' (AT) ' in the mailto links produce:
   Warning: <a> escaping malformed URI reference
2. $elemrelfoot is not defined there.
   	my $listhead = '<ul>';
 	my $listfoot = '</ul>';
 	my $elemhead = '<li>';
 	my $elemfoot = '</li>';
    are defined.
3. there are list inside of <answer> that are interpreted as <p> element.
   this means list cannot be used there


no need to CC me :-)

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