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Re: women.debian.org ??? www.debian.org/women migration ready!

On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 04:27:54PM +0200, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	* the mentoring program page [2] lists several persons as
> 	  potential mentors and gives some info for mentees. @ Helen and
> 	  Lisley (who, afaik, are in charge for the mentoring program):
> 	  is the program still up and running? Are these people still ok
> 	  with being mentors? 
Hi Francesca

I need to update some parts of the database.  I sent an email out to check who
was still mentoring and what was happening between mentors and mentees.

I've been a bit slack in organising that data but I'll re-check and let you
have what I kbnow by the weekend if that's okay?

Kind Regards


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