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women.debian.org → www.debian.org/women migration ready!

Hi all,

in a galaxy far far away (aka DebConf11 in Banja Luka), we agreed to
migrate the contents of women.debian.org to the main Debian website.
It's with a huge and smug grin that I announce you that the patch is
- finally - ready.
Please note that I just adapted the templates and so on, but I *haven't*
worked at all on the contents. For this reason I'd like to check with you
all some things:

	* the contact page [1] lists various people to contact if
	  interested in the project: Erinn Clark, Helen Faulkner,
	  Fernanda Weiden, Meike Reichle, Ana Beatriz Guerrero Lopez. Do
	  you still want to be listed as contact points for DW? If so,
	  can you please confirm if the mail address listed on that page
	  is correct and still working?

	* the mentoring program page [2] lists several persons as
	  potential mentors and gives some info for mentees. @ Helen and
	  Lisley (who, afaik, are in charge for the mentoring program):
	  is the program still up and running? Are these people still ok
	  with being mentors? 

	* the participate page [3] lists Erinn and Meike as contact point
	  submit content for the website. @ Erinn and Meike: is this
	  still ok for you?

Thanks in advance,


[1] http://women.debian.org/contact/
[2] http://women.debian.org/mentoring/
[3] http://women.debian.org/involvement/
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