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Thank you for the welcome


I wanted to thank you for the welcome. And also for pointing me to the
PPC smp kernel, which is now installed. Now I have only 1 other problem
to resolve. I haven't had the time to do a web search yet for others who
have this problem. Basically, my icons disappear and reappear when my
mouse points to where they should be. Or up on the toolbar the icon
place holder might have a yellow background which disappears when I pass
the mouse over it. Some selectable areas of an application might be a
funky lavender color until I place the mouse over it, then it becomes
blue, or maybe not. Its all so random. But I have Debian running on a
PPC!! I'm so cool..

Alison, I would love to know where you found the Debconf video. That
might be fun to view. I would hope for some more insight to the whole
Debian thing and what we as women are doing.


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