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Re: New to list

On 02/24/2012 04:14 AM, Alison Chaiken wrote:
> I just started using Debian a month or two ago myself.    I have
> installed Wheezy on two systems, a new Thinkpad laptop and an older
> quad-core desktop.    While there are still a few things I haven't
> gotten working (root doesn't get syslog email, etc.), I'm mostly quite
> pleased.   I used Fedora and before that RedHat Linux since perhaps
> '97 or '98, but since I worked in embedded, the case for switching to
> a deb-based distribution has become compelling.

Usually putting a root alias in /etc/aliases and running newaliases
should be enough to get the forwarding of root mail working.

> I've packaged the open source project  I work on using Launchpad and
> plan to submit it to Emdebian when I feel it's ready.      First I
> must write some man pages, convince my buddies to pick compliant
> shared-object names, and split some plugins into their own packages,
> sigh.    But I'm having fun with Debian and am excited about joining
> the community.    I watched the talk about Debian Women on video from
> Debconf a couple of weeks ago, which is how I found out about this
> mailing list.

Good luck and keep having fun!


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