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Re: Span cleaning effort (done!)

Quoting Tássia Camões (tassia@gmail.com):
> Hello!
> I'm happy to announce that with the help of some other contributors,
> we have manage to have all past months/years debian-women mailing list
> archives reviewed by 5 people.
> As I understand, next sunday the reported spams will be proccessed to
> be reviewed by DDs and soon finally removed from the archives.
> Thank you all!

That's great, thanks Tassia. It seems that d-w mailing lists were
particularly targeted by p0rn spammers, so having archives clean of
their crap is really a good progress.

Please notice that I personnally also tagged all "contributions" by
MikeUSA as spam. I hope that others have, too, as it would also help
getting rid of his hate messages. Still, there is a chance that
someone considers these "messages" as "on topic" and therefore not
spam, but eh.....

We already had 57 signalled spam mails to process last Sunday (so,
hopefully, they'll be removed by next Sunday, assuming that two other
DD confirm them as spam until then).

I'll give the results of this work in the upcoming weeks.

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