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dw website move to git


So we're going to move the website to ikiwiki. Yay! Before we can do this we
need to import all of the content into git. 

I set up a git repo for us in collab-maint
(http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/CollabMaint). If you're in the 'women' group on
alioth, you should have write access to our repo, which you should clone like
so: git clone ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/women.git 

I'm not sure how well y'all know git, but there's a tutorial here:

Which Mònica created from this:

But basically what needs to happen is that people begin self-organizing and
transferring content from the old website into git. I don't know the best way
for this to happen. Ikiwiki uses markdown, so presumably any html tags we were
using need to be changed to their markdown equivalent. There may be some
technical means to do this -- that seems more logical than having to do it by
hand, and html->markdown probably isn't a highly complex thing -- but someone
should check. (Maybe this works?

Let me know if you have any technical issues with cloning/merging/pushing/etc.
or just general questions about git. Tássia is going to follow up with more
information about the kind of content we want to keep long-term, and which
parts should be split from the website and put onto the wiki.

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