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Re: identi.ca and twitter

* alice ferrazzi <alice.ferrazzi@gmail.com> [2011:05:04 20:41 +0200]: 
> yes but there is a group avviated with 64 members i thinks it have more
> impact than use a profile with 6 subscriber

It's not a competitive thing. There is also an official Debian identi.ca
account (https://identi.ca/debian) as well as a group (http://identi.ca/group/debian). 
Using the official account for official announcements/news and the group for
general topics relating to the group seems like a pretty standard thing. 

That said, it only took a couple of days to get up to 51 subscribers on
identi.ca and 43 on twitter, so I'm sure the subscription/follow count will
continue to improve especially as we have more news to mention.

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