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Re: New round of IRC sessions


This mail went un-answered a month ago, so I'm replying both to give
my feedback and to try to revive it, cause I think it's really

On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it> wrote:
> First of all, I'd like to ask you what is your feelings about doing it, your
> impression (bad or good) about the last cycle of sessions (regarding both
> organization and the sessions) and if you have some particular
> ideas/desiderata/needs for the future sessions.

Things I liked about last year's IRC sessions: they were many, they
were well announced before and the contents were then posted on the
wiki in a timely manner. Kudos for everyone involved for a great job.

Things I think that could be improved:

* I'm not convinced that having a separate channel for questions when
the people attending is less than 20 is helpful.  It means having to
constantly switch between 2 windows, for a very very small reduction
in noise.  Until the amount of people attending really justifies it, I
think that sticking to one channel is preferable.
* Having the sessions always at roughly the same time gave them some
coherency, but also meant that people with something already scheduled
for that time (I teach classes at that time, for example) or where
that time catches them in the middle of their timezone night, could
practically never attend.  So, I think that some diversity (maybe
alternate between two times?) could be better.

> 1. "Ask the ...": regards organization and structure of Debian Project;
>                typical session of this serie: explain what exactly the
>                speaker does according to constitution, foklore, personal
>                experience + question and answer session

> 2. "One day with ...":  regards technical aspects of core and some of main
>                        teams in Debian. This is more similar to the last
>                        December sessions: a review of a technical task done
>                        by the team during their daily work. Maybe with a
>                        using a shell visible by the attendees.

Both seem very good ideas to me, and I say, let's go ahead and do them
:).  Francisca, it's my understanding that you need some volunteers to
help you out.  Why don't you detail exactly what you need from the
volunteers so that someone can step up to help?


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