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Re: Debian Women "Build it" event

On Saturday 23 April 2011 21:06:14 Margarita Manterola wrote:
> What does everybody think?  If the consensus is that this is a good
> idea, we should start advertising it soon.  Also, I could hold btoh
> sessions myself, but it would be nice if toher people would also
> volunteer for the tutoring, or as extra helpers.

This is clearly a good idea.  But it would be lovely if someone - I myself 
have failed signally - could come up with an idea that doesn't require a good 
typing ability.

Those of us who are over a certain age can't all type well.  _Especially_ 
women.  I spent years taking great care _not_ to be able to type.  So I just 
can't cope with IRC.  But I would love to learn how to package.  It currently 
looks like an unscalable mountain!  

Is elementary (*very* elementary!) packaging something that a mentor would 
perhaps be able to help with?  And if so, is there someone who would be 
willing to be my mentor?


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