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Debian Women "Build it" event

Hi there,

The people of OpenHatch have recently organized an IRC event called
"Build it" [2] explaining to new people how to build a certain
program.  This has been shown to be quite successful in bootstrapping
contributions [3].

After some talk about this on IRC with different people, we came to
the idea that it would be nice to do a similar thing through Debian
Women.  In our case, "building Debian" is not a simple task, but
getting the source, patching and building a single package is a very
simple task that might not seem like that for someone new, and thus
works very well for bootstrapping.

The idea for the event would be to hold this during one day (proposed
date: Saturday May 7th, in two weeks), with 2 scheduled times for
people in different timezones.  My proposed times would be: 11:00 UTC
for people in Oceania, Asia, Africa and Europe, and 22:00 UTC for
people in the Americas.

As with any event organized by Debian Women, it would be an event
that's specially aimed to women who want to build their first package,
but anybody would be welcome to participate.

Asheesh, from OpenHatch, would help us with the communication of the
event for university students.  But of course we would need to try to
post it on many places to get to reach as many people as possible.

After this event, it would be great if we already had other IRC
sessions scheduled, so that people that attended would already know
when the next event is taking place.

What does everybody think?  If the consensus is that this is a good
idea, we should start advertising it soon.  Also, I could hold both
sessions myself, but it would be nice if other people would also
volunteer for the tutoring, or as extra helpers.

[1] http://openhatch.org/
[2] https://openhatch.org/wiki/Build_it
[3] http://www.asheesh.org/note/debian/why-outreach.html


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