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Debian Women mentoring project needs more mentors!

Hello everyone,

Congratulations to all of you who were involved in getting the Squeeze release
out.  I'm sure there were celebrations all over the world last weekend (I know
there was a party here in Melbourne, not that I could attend...).

Now that all that hard work is done, the Debian Women mentoring project needs
you!  Most of our mentors are already assigned with mentees (and we thank you
and we know you are all busy people making time to do this, which is greatly
appreciated).  We are now getting requests for mentoring from potential mentees
who we can't match with anyone who has a suitably compatible skillset or

We need people with experience at contributing to Debian and interest in
mentoring newcomers to volunteer as potential mentors.  Please get in touch with
us at mentoring@women.debian.org and let us know what areas of Debian you are
currently involved with or what kinds of skills you have that you would be happy
to mentor someone in - it can be anything: localization and
internationalization, packaging, reporting bugs, squashing bugs, whatever.  When
we get a request from a mentee who is interested in contributing in similar
areas, we'll match you up and let you work from there.

The time commitment required depends on what you agree with your mentee.  There
is no minimum commitment but of course we hope that both mentor and mentee will
be satisfied with the result, and that the mentee will end up gaining skill and
confidence at contributing to Debian.

If there are any mentors out there who have more time now or who are not
actively mentoring at the moment but would like to, please get in touch.

If there is anyone who would like a mentor, please get in touch and we will
assign you to someone just as soon as we can (it may not be immediate,

We look forward to a rush of enthusiastic emails!

Helen, Lesley and Erinn (the Debian Women Mentoring team).

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