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Version tracking

 Introduction :

I have tried to triage a bug like explained en HowtoUseBTS (version
tracking exemple 4) and I reopened a very old bug (168664)

On the wiki it is written :

   bts notfound 507360 2.28.0-1 '# fixing version information' . found
507360 2.28.1-1

Question :   Can someone explain me why the bug 168664 was reopend and
not 507360.

What I have done :

So I send this mail to control@b.d.o:

   notfound 168664 2.14.5-2
   # fixing version information' .
   found 168664 1:2.20.0-1

I received an answer 10 minutes later from owner@b.d.o Telling me the
bug was reopened.

I send a second mail to cancel the first one.

   notfound 168664 1:2.20.0-1

But I haven't received any answer from owner (2 hours later).


Henri Le Foll

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