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Re: Slides about Women in Free Software

On to, 2011-01-13 at 09:28 +0000, Lisi wrote:
> On Thursday 13 January 2011 06:29:17 Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > My personal approach on this is often shortening ideas to one or two
> > words: so those people who are not sleeping yet (or reading their
> > mail...) will also have to rely on your talk to get the full point.
> But what about those who only have the slides?  Miriam's approach is by far 
> the more helpful if it is later put online.

Slides can be good for supporting the actual presentation, for people
who are present. Or they can be good for reading afterwards. They can
not be both, in my experience.

A better solution than slides designed for indepent reading is to have a
separate document for that. In many cases it can be just the outline one
writes before making the slides. Indeed, making such an outline often
results in a better presentation, and better slides. It is a little bit
more work, of course.

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