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Re: Slides about Women in Free Software

Quoting Miriam Ruiz (miriam@debian.org):
> Hi,
> On the 12th of November 2010 I participated in a meeting about Free
> Software, Art and Women [1], talking about Women in Free Software. I
> have finally finished translating my slides [2] into English [3], in
> case someone might be interested in them. They are also available for
> download [4] in both PDF and ODT formats in case someone prefers that.
> Feedback is obviously welcome :)

That's great work, Miriam (and nice pictures, some of which I really

If I could suggest something, it would be to lower the amount of text
on some very verbose slides. Those often tend to derive the attention
of the audience, either because they'll be reading what you're saying,
in advance....or because they'll think that you'll just repeat what's
on the slides, and might get bored.

My personal approach on this is often shortening ideas to one or two
words: so those people who are not sleeping yet (or reading their
mail...) will also have to rely on your talk to get the full point.

Another minor criticism: on some graphs, the legend text is very tiny
and not easy to read, particularly online. Maybe even on slides on a
screen, people with visual impairment might have trouble.

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