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Re: Slides about Women in Free Software

Hi Miriam,

I finally had a chance to look at your slides. Wow.
I found concepts there that are amazing, I learned so much.
I specially loved the Meritocracy Myth, and the Byrne scale (the way
gender imbalance is perceived by each gender).

I want to beg you to blog about this concepts. Slides are fun, but
sometimes a lot of "explaining" is missing, just the highlight of deeper
explanations, and I'd like to hear more on these topics.

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> [3] http://www.slideshare.net/inniyah/women-in-free-software-musac-len-2010
> (English)

I read the slides in English and found several minor typos as in using
"now" instead of "know". Unfortunately I hate office suits, but i would
be happy to send you a txt patch :))))

Also, some of the graphs render very pixeled, or not at all (page 42,
"what men think" does not show at all). Maybe it is just the pdf, I have
not looked at the odt file yet.

Anyway, this slides should not be buried in the Internet, please make an
html version of them so that they can get properly indexed or browsed
online :*

Thanks, this was the finding of the year for me :)
(I know it's only January yet).

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