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Re: presentation & wanting to contribute

Thanks a lot to all your welcomes and advices :-)))
Mentoring program team contacted me and I hope I can get involved soon.

And 2 comments:

> > I've been using Debian for, more or less, 10 years and have been collaborating with some local groups to promote its use.
> Wow! Ten years!

Ten years... but the main thing that it shows is that... I'm getting old XDDD

> > > PS: I know my English is not the best, I'm trying to improve it ;-)
> > 
> > Don't worry about it: my english is very... uhm... imaginative! If I don't
> > know a word I create it :))
> Ah, let me remind you something I learned from the inspiring talks
> about "good practices about talks", by someone who's a longstanding
> D-W activist, namely Meike Reichle: never apologize for your bad
> English.

Ok. It's a good advice but... get ready for my catalenglish (catalan+english), never seen before! ;-)

Keep in touch!


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