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request for approval and review- announce for DW round table in Perugia

Hi all,
as I wrote some weeks ago [1], there will be soon a round table on "Female
Partecipation in the Italian FLOSS World" during the Debian/Ubuntu Community
Conference of Perugia.
The idea of this round table arose by chance: I wanted to attend (as
member of l10n team) at the conference but I was a little embarassed to be the
only girl (yes, I am stupid I know) so, browsing the participation list of
Ubuntu team I noted a member of Ubuntu Women...:)
And the idea of a round table/BoF was a natural consequence.

Now, it seems that we'll be a not-too-little group: me, Anne and maybe Alice on the
Debian side and three or four from the Ubuntu side! :D For female contributors
is a crowd! :)
And, from the organizition team there will be another gal !! o_O

The idea is to have a brainstorming about the italian situation of women in
FLOSS, and to create some bonds with all kind of group that are interested in
this topic. Visibility, example and communications as common initiative are
important in a local contest, I think.

I would like to try to reach as much italian geeky girl as I can so, I've
prepared a sort of announcement for this initiative and I'd like to send it to
some gender-related ML as linuxchix, $other_distro women, gnome women, etc.

Can I speak in the "Debian Women" name? And what you think about it?
(I attached it)

Thank you and cheers,

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-women/2010/08/msg00062.html
DUCC-IT 2010 Perugia, 19 September

The Debian Women project [1] is pleased to announce that, during the Debian/Ubuntu Italian Community Conference (DUCC-IT '10 for short), there will be a round table discussion about "Female Participation in the Italian FLOSS World".
At the round table will partecipate members from both Debian Women and Ubuntu Women: all female contributors, users and enthusiast of Free and Open Software and all persons who want to encourage the presence of women in FLOSS are invited to attend!

The main goal of the event is to do a brainstorming on the current italian situation of female users and contributors of FLOSS and to share ideas, create bonds and networks between the different groups and associations who operate in this field.

More information and logistical details are avalaible on the Debian wiki [2] or directly on the conference website (in Italian) [3].

[1] http://women.debian.org
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianItalia/MiniDebconf2010
[3] http://www.fsugitalia.org/eventi/doku.php?id=duccit10

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