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Re: [LOL] about male's behaviour on IRC

2010/9/1 Llanos <llanosnunez@gmail.com>:
> Hi
> I didn't want to offend anyone, I understand you point but I reckon this
> joke in particular is kind of neutral (kind of).  It makes a joke for both
> sides and I personally don't think they are rude or can offend seriously but
> as Miry says it might do. Apologies for it :)

I don't think you did, don't worry, otherwise someone might have
probably stepped in and complain.

I was just agreeing with Fernanda in that we should better not go too
far along the lines that this thread is going, as it is not likely
that nothing positive might have come out of it, and there is some
real risk that we end up getting the opposite. So far nothing has
happened and no one has been offended, but I just felt that it was
better to give a warning beforehand :)


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