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Re: [LOL] about male's behaviour on IRC

2010/9/1 Fernanda G Weiden <fernanda@softwarelivre.org>:
> I have the impression this thread is going down a dangerous path...

I kind of agree.

Take into account that we're a multicultural and multinational
project, that involves very diverse people with very different
sensibilities. This means that it's quite likely that some -or many-
of them might understant the jokes in a different way that they're
meant to, and that some misunderstanding might happen. This kind of
jokes that try to make fun of stereotypes -even though the intention
is obviously good, trying to create a bright mood by laughing at the
things that worry us- can have the opposite effect on some people that
might understand them as an accusation. I'd be very careful with jokes
about these sensitive topics, as we want people to be comfortable.


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