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Urgent Help...

Hi Everyone

Let me present myself. I'm a french girl working for several years in the IT
world but mainly with not-technical jobs even though I got an engineering

I was totally fed up and frustrated to work without touching the equipment and I
have been fighting to get at least a chance to get a technical job. (here women
are not very welcome for technical jobs, they are more dedicated to
administrative jobs even though they have technical background).

Some month ago I finally found the job of my life: very technical. Now I'm in
some kind of trouble because I need to manage things as if I was working in
technical for 20 years.

That's why I beg for your help - I'm looking for a kind of mentor available by
chat for example - to help me go through the very large amount of knowledge I
still don't have. I know there is no secret: read, understand, analyse.

thank you for your kind help and understanding...


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