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I'm Mackenzie. I've been hanging out in #debian-women IRC intermittently over 
the last year or so I suppose. It depends how often I'm connecting to OFTC at 
the time, though it's been more lately as I navigate the Mentors process.  I'm 
now co-maintaining a package in Debian, and when the software I'm working 
on[0] is ready, I'll be packaging it.  I'm a uni student, nearly done, in 
Virginia (wanted to type "Washington, DC" but I moved 2 days ago).

Mostly I'm a Kubuntu user (as you can probably guess from my blog linked in my 
sig...well ok, from that you'd think Ubuntu...I switched to KDE after having 
the URL for a while) and Ubuntu developer, but working with Debian is 
doubleplusgood, so...

Anyway, wanted to say "hi" since the folks on here who don't already know me 
(I know a handful of people here...hi Christine, Miriam, Brenda, and others 
*wave*) might be wondering about that OLF email I just sent out to this list 
and going "umm...who is this person, and why is she spamming us?"

[0] http://launchpad.net/gally

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo

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