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current status and HOWTO help with the women.d.o website


If you have read previous emails in this mailing list, you know the Debian
women website has been migrated to a new host now and the Debian women wiki
has been removed.

So... now what? The following are my thoughts of the current state and
what we could do. You are totally welcome to answer this email with your
suggestions and ideas, specially about the first two points. 

status of the website
The website needs somebody taking care of it. Part of it is under subversion
but other part is not, e.g. the dir news used to be generated with nanoblog and
it is not longer updated.
There is also stuff that is not linked anywhere and it is not under subversion
either: http://women.debian.org/howto/arch.html
(this howto might be moved to wiki.debian.org)

The website was using wml to its generation and also handling translation,
however it is only available in English. If a new person taking care of it
wants to use something else I think it is fine as long as the final result
we put in the webserver is static.

Whoever is interested in this job is welcome. But s/he will rely on me (or
another DD who volunteers) to do the updates in the machine (unless we 
automate this).

option: integrating the website under www.debian.org

An option would be integrating the website under the main Debian website (e.g.
http://www.debian.org/women ). 
It has the advantage of using the existing infrastructure specially for
translation, automatic updates, etc.
On the other side, I am not sure the "profiles" page (and others) fits very 
well in the Debian website, the look would be the same than in www.debian.org 
(but hey, this will change in a close future!), and it needs coordination 
with the www-team to adapt the website. This option also would need a volunteer 
taking care of this section.
I am sure there is more pros and cons.

the wiki 
The Debian Women wiki has been removed, it was not widely used but it contained
some howto and tutorials in several languages. All this stuff should be copied
to wiki.debian.org.
I have a dump of it and it contains almost 3000 pages, being most of them
unsurprisingly spam. I need help sorting it and copying the valuable stuff
to wiki.debian.org. It is a time consuming job but it is easier to do, if
you want to help tell me!


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