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the mentoring program

Hey everyone,

So, we have a bunch of people showing renewed interest in the mentoring
program (http://women.debian.org/mentoring/). 

The problem is that the mentors list is extremely out of date. I suspect
there are still plenty of people who would like to mentor and I can
vouch for the fact that we have many pending mentees. Helen and I used
to do this together, but as you can imagine, she is extremely busy with
her (gorgeous) daughter these days. 

So here's what I need:

- an updated list of mentors. If you were a mentor in the past, send me
  an email with your areas of specialty. We don't need to make it

- Someone to help me run it. If you have better ideas about how to run
  it, I am listening. I think sometimes new people are afraid to step in
  and try to take over things, but you don't have to be -- even though
  DW's been around for (omg) 5 years now, there's still plenty of
  opportunity to change things. 

- Probably some stuff I'm forgetting.


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