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Re: Thinking about organizing a special women-oriented event


Let me introduce myself first.
My name is Narrira, but people usually call me as Nah. I'm from Brasil and part of some tech collectives based on here. I used to be part of debian user group of my local city - but couldn't get involved with that; I am already involved with some other (mainly www.naxanta.org).

While I was in the "debian user group" we also had thought to make a event for women - and we had this conversation of "can men go?"; I don't think it is easy to decide, but I also agree that many women (including me) can get more involved in conversations at tech events where are only women (or less men). But, anyway, if it will be an event open for men, you can't limit men access - and It can become another event with more men than women.

But I'd love to go to this event if it'll really happen in Argentina! The trip is not that far and flight bookings are not so expensive. It would be great. I know some other girls that would be very happy to go there as well, and maybe make a speech.

Sorry for the bad english - I have to practice, this is my first email for the list.


2009/8/25 <binz75015@free.fr>
Hi all

As explained to Margarita in a private email, I'll be glad to attend this event.
Unfortunately I'm living in Paris and It represents a very far trip.

For this reason I suggest we organize a similar event in Paris to gather debian
women from European countries. It will be much easier for them to travel to
Paris than to Buenos Aires...

If any people is interested in starting the event calendar and/or discuss this
point, feel free to contact me.


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