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PyCon 2010 Call for Proposals

(Hi, folks - sorry for peeking in as a non-list-member, but I hope
some of you will appreciate this - )

PyCon 2010 (Atlanta, Feb. 19-22) has issued its Call for Proposals, due Oct. 1:


Please spread the word.  PyCon is a fantastic conference - honestly,
it's the highlight of every year for me, professionally speaking.  I
also think it's always been a great conference for women, but this
year, there's a strong desire among the organizers to reach out to
women and minorities specifically, and generally to make sure we're
doing our part to broaden participation.  If you needed one more
reason to nudge you to submit a talk (or otherwise get involved),
there you have it.

Hope to see some of you there!

- Catherine
*** PyOhio * July 25-26, 2009 * pyohio.org ***

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