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Re: General list behavior and suggestions [Was: Re: Further to: ...]

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 05:31:49PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote [edited]:
> On Thu, 09 Jul 2009, Serafeim Zanikolas wrote:
> > On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 03:18:10PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote [edited]:
> > > In the future, if you run into threads like this it's best to contact
> > > listmaster@lists.debian.org; I don't think any of us actually read
> > > debian-user@ldo, so we'd miss a thread like this unless it's pointed
> > > out.
> >
> > Would we please add the above suggestion:
> >
> > (i) in the mailing lists CC

I've opened #536575 about this.

> > BTW here are some thoughts of mine after I've been flamed recently
> > by a DD:
> >
> >     What's hurting more than a DD's rudeness is the project's silent
> >     endorsement of it.
> The lack of a public recrimination doesn't equate to endorsement; the
> project is large, and necessarily remains silent on a large number of
> topics.

I think that when a non-DD is flamed by a DD, and no other project member
steps in, the first will justifiably feel disappointed by the project. You
don't need an explicit endorsement, when the flame comes from a DD.

(BTW in my case it was even worse, because a second DD publicly supported the
flaming DD, and a third one acknowledged to me in private that the whole thing
wasn't right. Alas as you say flames happen.)

> Flames happen. It's the nature of communicating using email that its
> difficult to see in real time the effect you have on other people.
> Where its particularly egregious and uncalled for, people get it
> pointed out to them, often privately.
> When its obvious to me as a bystander, I occasionally send out mails
> to people about it. When people flame me, I try my best to get to the
> fuel beneath the flames.

Well said. Just to make sure I don't sound too negative: the project does have
many outspoken, thoughtful and smart people, which is why I'm still around.
But this aspect is certainly one in which Debian can be greatly improved, and
IMHO any improvement will be gradual and via small changes here and there
(like the one proposed in #536575)


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