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Re: Introduction

On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 12:28 PM, Ben Armstrong
>As they mature, my girls
> will grow up to understand that not everyone will agree with them, and
> some of them are going to say hurtful and even bigoted things to them.

They encountered this recently, during the holidays from some of our
neighbourhood friends.  When Jessica (10) was asked by a visiting
relative of one of our neighbours, "What grade are you in?" the
neighbour girl interjected loudly "She's not IN a grade, she doesn't
GO to school so she is NOT learning anything!"  Jessica's feelings
were quite hurt, since for the most part she has encountered tolerance
from most people.

I've advised my children that they'll get the most stimulating
conversation from people who are genuinely interested and curious
rather than trollish "OK then, what 97x345 if you're so smart?" type
of questions.

I am personally, not a real 'activist' type of person, as I believe in
leading by my own behaviour.  Our youngest two, who have never been to
school, have taught themselves reading, writing, mathematics, science,
social studies with Ben and I as the facilitators.  The reason they
have learned these things is because they are a part of everyday life,
and the application of such knowledge is in pretty much everything.

I refer to this because I can see a parallel with debian culture which
sometimes involves countering mainstream ways of doing things.

Thank you Miriam for welcoming me.  I hope to get more acquainted with
all of you as I get to know this list better.


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