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Re: Problem with sound in Lenny installation

I am sorry about my harsh response to Jordi, I missunderstood his words,
and no hard feelings from my side at all. 

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> So do you know the original and/or current purpose?

I really think that's for each of the users to decide. 
I tend to see it as a place where I can safely ask, discuss or vent
about anything that has to do with Debian, Women, or Debian Women

> I tend to see it as a place to occasionally interact with women who
> use or develop Debian.  

Seems like a great criteria to me :)

> I would post more if I thought that matched the actual purpose, but my
> posts would not be specifically about Debian or software or hardware,
> so I haven't done so.

The list is low traffic, despite the huge number of subscribers, and I
also really think that you can afford to be less restrictive on what
kind of matters you post about. Make yourself home and feel free to
bring up interesting topics here, there is plenty of talent lurking that
can turn into great conversations, eye openers. 

All of you watching, let's make this list what we need it to be.

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