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Re: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

> Another female acquaintance of mine was looking for a job after a few
> years' break.  She did find that she was very rusty, and said that
> with two children and a husband who works far more than full-time, she
> had not been able to find any time at all to keep up.  I wonder,
> though, if this is a personality and priorities thing.  It seems to me
> that it's vitally important for parents to take some time for
> themselves, even / especially when they're fulltime stay at home
> parents.  If you're a person who lives and breathes software, you'll
> find a way to make that part of your personal time.  If not, you will
> spend that time other ways. ... also, to be fair, she was somewhat
> suddenly thrust into the workforce because of the financial situation.
> I don't think she'd been planning to go back to work quite yet.

I do reckon that by this time next year, when I'll have hopefully gotten the
hang of the whole "baby" thing, I'll be so desperate to be doing more
intellectually stimulating stuff (I'll be missing my physics) that I'll be
making the time to do a little Debian work and a little research (most of my
research is theory and can be done with only a computer - makes it easier than
if I needed access to a lab), in between nappies and feeding and baby games and
so forth.

At least I hope so.  Tell you in a year how it's working out...


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