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Re: new member presentation

2008/11/3 Anne Ghisla Insubriae <a.ghisla@gmail.com>:
> hi all!

Hi Anne! :)

> after reading Linda's presentation and the following thread, I agree with
> you about keeping this list alive.

Yup, I agree that there are still a lot of things to be done. The
questions might be when, and especially how, but there is still a long
road before us.

> My Linux story started three years ago at university thanks to a friend,
> Clara, who installed Debian on my laptop. Then I dropped it for Ubuntu,
> because I felt too dummy. Now I decided turning back to Debian and
> subscribed to this list among others.

Glad to see you back in Debian, then!

> As you point out, computer stuff is not men's job. Anyway, men look with
> some kind of fear at girls who can tame computers :)

Yup, but whoever might still have problems with women in computers,
they'll have to get used to it. We're here to stay! Not all the men
are like that, anyway.

Welcome to the group :)


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