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Re: Learning now coding in Perl :-)

"Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso" <jordigh@gmail.com> writes:
> On 24/05/2008, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net> wrote:
>> Grmpf...  I am using "man" as a command refference but was not aware  of
>>  such Perl-DINO-Documentation....  And yes, even most peoples do not like
>>  manpages, but some programs or projects are very well documented...
> I know that Perl's manpages are awesome, but is there a convenient way
> to browse them? They all point to each other, and the only way I know
> of going from one page to another is to remember the name of the
> manpage I'm looking for, quit less, and then from bash type "man
> perl_some_other_page".
> Aren't they hypertexted somewhere?

They are, for example on http://perldoc.perl.org/perl.html. You can also
use podbrowser to get a nice and shiny Gtk interface to your locally
installed POD pages.

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