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Fwd: [dev-educ] [ClassRooms] First classroom on 7th of May

Those of you who are interested in hacking OpenOffice - this is something you should not miss.

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    Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 12:26:07 +0200
    From: eric b <eric.bachard@free.fr>
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 Subject: [dev-educ] [ClassRooms]  First classroom on 7th of May
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After some regular discussions with Vincent Vikram and Sankarshan 
Mukhopadhyay on IRC,I think we can start the ClassRoom program we 
scheduled some times ago.

Objective: help beginners willing to contribute, to discover the 
development side of OpenOffice.org project, and try to solve, or at 
least provide some light to : " What, Where, Who, How , Whom ask ..." 
questions any newcomer asks.

The logs will be put on the wiki, thus all the community will be able 
to access the knowledge, and I expect to see the developers I 
contacted to confirm they will contribute.

Because this is the first one, we'll start with the beginning, and 
I'll (exceptionaly) start myself the ClassRoom.

Proposed Date:  Wednesday 7th of May 2008,
Hour : 11:00 ( Paris hour ) ~ 14:30 India hour ( i.e; Vincent 
hour ;-)  )
Mode: as IRC meeting. Server :  irc.freenode.net    Channel  :  

Content :

Part 1:

1) Discover the OpenOffice.org project

Other points, suggested by Vincent Vikram :

2) where is the code
3) I got the code ... now where do I start in the code  ?
4) What do I need to know in advance
5) How good is the documentation documentation

Part 2:
Questions from the attendees

Part 3:

Round table with students, and developers, + define the agenda for 
the next ClassRooms, including other questions to be prepared in advance

Suggestions  ?  Opinions ?

Last but not least, please note carefully:

- we have choosen the IRC way, because unfortunaly, not everybody has 
a nice Internet connexion,  with good bandwidth, and so on.
- if you have a proposal for a better way of communication, please 
propose, and organize it !!
- Everything about the content (the log), and _after_ the 
presentation (comments, additional links ..etc) will be on the wiki
- ALL contributions are WELCOME : means such thing will work if and 
only if _several_ people join the effort and contribute, because we 
have to do everything from scratch.

Action Item: can someone take over to announce the thing on the 
Education Project Blog ?

Best regards,
Eric Bachard


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Vikram Vincent
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